Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sage's Brunch House (Olympia, WA)

 Wow. I love this place. This is exactly the kind of restaurant that reminds me why so many people love Olympia - it's just so frickin' hip for such a small town! Who knows why...something about it being the capitol of a blue state and also the home of one of the top-rated public liberal arts universities in the country - sort of a mecca for hippies who want to go hiking... And maybe have a few extra bucks... Which brings me to Sage's. It's the sort of restaurant I would be on the lookout for in Berkeley or San Francisco, but I'm all the more delighted to find it tucked away back home, waiting for me to stop by. I personally love the gourmet thing. And I love it more when it's prepared in a small and open kitchen, a 2-woman show (one for the cooking, one for the floor), with no feeling of pretension despite the quality of the food. Oh yeah, and every ingredient is local or made on the spot (as I learned was the case with the sausage, pun intended) - e.g. I saw the tortilla guy coming in from a nearby town with a truck, and even the hot sauce was made around the corner.

And well, I think I can just let the food speak for itself....
Beneficial Benedict

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